About Siket Jewellery Shop

Even small things coming from the Jewellery Shop “Siket” are big

In a spiritual and material sense, gold is the symbol of the Sun and light. Due to its properties it has always attracted the attention and has always been the subject of admiration of the old civilisations – Old Egypt, Ancient Greece and Old Rome. It is our wish to present you the range of “Siket” Jewellery Shops.

In the artistic workshops of “Siket” Jewellery Shops, a number of unique golden items have been manufactured since the establishment in 1954 until today and we have interwoven our best and warmest wishes into them.

The evidences of quality are the rewards awarded to us by both the domestic and foreign public.

We single out the following in the rich offer of the “Siket” Jewellery Shops

All the above-listed items can be bought in the sales premises of the “Siket” Jewellery Shop, which is also offering you the possibility to be the gold jewellery designer yourself because we can make it to satisfy your wishes and taste.

We can manufacture all the ordered items and we also repair your golden jewellery pieces. We buy-up the broken jewellery pieces.